Member Benefits

We all like to think of reaching old age and achieving our life-long goals, whatever they may be. Unfortunately, all too often, life is cut short; motor vehicle accidents, terminal illness and fatal heart attacks can strike any of us at any time. When a death occurs, unexpected financial burdens can arise within a family.

The Ambulance Provident Fund was established to ensure financial security for immediate living expenses and funeral costs, for Ambulance Officers and their families. All permanent full time and permanent part time employees (including non-uniformed) of the Ambulance Service of New South Wales and their spouses/partners are eligible for membership, provided:

  • the applicant certifies that they are in good health; and
  • they do not exceed 40 years of age at the time of joining the Provident Fund.
  • New employees to NSW Ambulance between the ages of 40 & 50 are eligible to join within the first six months of employment.
  • If a recruit chooses to join the fund during his/her probationary period, then the medical certificate supplied for employment will be accepted for fund purposes.

Fees: As of January 1 2020 the contribution will be $3.00 per week per member with an initial joining fee of $25.00 per member. Retired members fees are $156 annually to be paid in advance with the year ending on the 31st of December. Please note that no reminders are sent to members. If you wish to pay your fees by direct debit or EFT please contact the Secretary for details. Note: Receipts for these transactions are automatically generated once you have approved the transfer.

Fees for 2024 are:

Single retired member:

$156 pa

Retired couple:

$312 pa

Benefits: Unlike life assurance policies, the benefit of the Ambulance Provident Fund (APF) belongs to the member's nominee, not the member, so it is not considered part of the deceased member's estate. It is paid in a lump sum to the nominee, immediately following notification of the member's death. As of 01/01/2024, the benefit is up to $30,000.00 for a members beneficiary. In line with the new Constitution, the beneficiary payment is now based on the age of the member at the time of their death. Previously payment was dependent on the member either being employed or retired.

*Effective as of 01/01/2024 - maximum benefit is up to $30,000.00. See the following link to view the APF Beneficiary Payment Table.

APF Beneficiary Payment Table - 01-01-2024 Onwards

Retiring member: Conditions apply for transferring to retired membership. Members are requested to contact the Secretary of the APF prior to leaving the Ambulance Service or other employer to obtain details. Benefit is payable for a beneficiary where the member is no older than 90 years of age.

All beneficiary payments are authorised and at the discretion of the Board of Directors.